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Ξένη & Dance - Hip Hop, Rap

Στρ. Μπραντούνα 5, 54626, Θεσσαλονίκη - Internet Radios

Studio:  +30 6976585913

Περιγραφή Σταθμού

Established in 2022, Ghost12 Radio is an online hip hop and rap radio station based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our passion for music and hip-hop culture inspired us to create a community where we could exchange ideas, views, concerns, and, of course, music. Our mission is to provide our listeners with the best hip-hop and rap music, news, and insights from around the world. Tune in to Ghost12 Radio today and join our community of hip-hop and rap fans!

Πρόγραμμα Σταθμού

Δευτέρα - Κυριακή
10:30-11:15 'RAP GR'
12:00-15:00 'New HOT' **
15:00-17:00 'Old School Sounds'
17:00-20:00 'New HOT'
20:00-20:40 'RAP GR'
21:00-00:00 'New HOT'
00:00-01:20 'Vibe Alone'

Σάββατο - Κυριακή
12:00-14:00 [LIVE] Twelve's Show/ w/ Ghost12 Mob
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